At just 22 years old, the Los Angeles producer, mix engineer, and songwriter has garnered acclaim by a growing list of accomplished songwriters and producers as a prized collaborator. Lauren was discovered on NBC Songland Season 2, pitching songs to the "Despacito" singer, Luis Fonsi. Lauren has written for film/tv placing music in shows like Riverdale, Siren, and Law & Order SVU. Besides her love for music, Lauren is a a southwestern oil painter and designer.  She's sold paintings and commission work across the United States and has sold her hand painted jackets at the Vault on Melrose.



        Lauren began playing piano when she was just three years old and continues to study as classical pianist. Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico she was surrounded by the arts and culture of her the southwest. She developed a passion for the arts at a very young age.  Lauren began writing songs on guitar and banjo when she was in her early teens. She expanded her musical versatility to another level when her grandfather handmade her an electric violin. Lauren was homeschooled most of her life and attended an aeronautic and science centered online academy. This allowed her to spend her free time practicing her instruments and painting. Lauren began studying at the Central New Mexico Community College when she was 15 years old while still attending highschool.  After finishing highschool a year and a half early she began full time college at The University of New Mexico for a year until she was 18 years old. She then made her move to Los Angeles to pursue her music dreams. She taught herself how to produce her own music on Ableton and Protools when she was 20 years old and began releasing her own songs, which opened up doors to publishing and label opportunities after her songs were featured on large playlists and streamed in stores across the world. She's collaborated with companies including DMG Hollywood Records, Ophelia Records (Seven Lions) in collaboration with their artist Last Heroes, and several more indie labels across LA. Besides her passion for production,  Lauren is also even more on the technical side of things with a growing love for mix and vocal engineering.